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Energy Management

Energy Management - Haven 365

“In the 21st century, we recognize that climate change can impact national security — ranging from rising sea levels, to severe droughts, to the melting of the polar caps, to more frequent and devastating natural disasters that raise demand for humanitarian assistance and disaster relief.”

-Leon Panetta, Former Head of the Central Intelligence Agency

As stated above, climate change and our lack of effort in stemming carbon emissions have been recognized as a viable and immediate threat to our national security (‘Top 5 Threats to National Security in the Coming Decade’, National Security Magazine, November 2012). Our intent is to support the national security effort through conservation programs and technology.

On July 14, 2012 the U.S. Department of Energy mandated a ban on the inefficient “T12” fluorescent tubes in all military properties. With meetings amongst high ranking members of the Energy Conservation Team from one of the Department of Defense (DOD) specialty divisions regarding energy conservation and energy dependence, we felt an obligation to establish an entire division to working with our current customers as well as reaching out to those government agencies that may be directly affected by this mandate.

In response to these mandates, we have uncovered an area of energy conservation amongst our clients that could use some additional support, effort, and rigor. In response we have dedicated ourselves to offering a diverse range of products and services. By extending our involvement to those programs that promote energy efficiency, sustainability and reducing our dependence on foreign sources of energy; we are acknowledging important security risks we face as a nation and as a leader in the world community.

Haven Energy Solutions by extension is our vehicle to deliver comprehensive engineering solutions to government and commercial industries. Whether it’s providing quality personnel, Energy Efficiency Audits or providing cutting edge products and customized programs, we are committed to protecting our most critical asset.